As most people know, spring is the time of year when bees swarm. This is their way of reproduction and the best time of year for it to happen. If you notice bees flying up and down the wall of your house or find bees inside your house, there is a good chance they are looking to move in.

When or if they move into a cavity in your home (eg. wall, roof or chimney) they become a problem as they establish a hive. This is a problem because it encourage ants and other pests, seeking the honey and wax, to enter your home. If the hive dies, the wax melts, the honey and pollen ferments and the brood (baby bees) die and starts to rot.

As a bee keeper we only have 2-3 days to get the bees out before the queen starts laying eggs, once she does there is no easy way of getting them out. It can then becomes the job of a pest controller to fumigate and kill the bees. Once the bees are killed (to prevent rotting brood, fermenting honey and bulk pest infestation) a builder is required to rip down the wall and remove all the wax and honey. This will be a significant cost.

All this can be prevented. When you notice bees around your home, eg flying up and down your walls, entering holes in your walls, or a big ball of bees call me before they become a problem. If they have entered your home, all is not lost. They can be removed without killing them.

I live in Armidale but I am also prepared to travel to Uralla, Black Mountain and Guyra.